Sick of lenders and investors saying NO to your funding proposal?
Have you been pitching your business plan all over the place but just can't seem to get funding?
You need a business plan audit.
The cheap & cheerful solution to your funding woes that'll soon have you toasting champagne at your grand opening (I'll watch for your invite!) instead of drowning your sorrows in a tall can of PBR.
I get it. You toiled at your market research and worked on spreadsheets until your eyes crossed. You poured all the energy you had into your business plan because you KNOW it's the document you need to get funding. Your plan's done. Your pitch deck is done. But everywhere you look, people's pockets seem suddenly empty.

Here's the reality: your business is probably really great. But your business plan probably sucks.

Time for an audit.

Here's what you get for your money:
  • A complete written review of your business plan and pitch deck (in 3 business days)
  • The exact actions you need to take to improve your business plan so you get funded
  • Clear, honest feedback that gives you the confidence that your next pitch will be successful!
Once you finally know exactly what you need to do to make your business plan GRAB and HOLD the attention of lenders and investors, you can stop spending your time tweaking things that don't need tweaking, and go into every financing meeting with confidence that your business plan tells lenders and investors exactly what they need to know.

They'll have more confidence in you and be FAR more likely to finance your business.

Sounds great, right?
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Nick Petrie, Draft on Site

I have found working with [Jessica] to be an experience in professionalism. [She took] an educated stance on all of the issues that we had, worked to mitigate them and improve the overall experience all the way through. [She] adapted to our needs as well as delivered everything that we authorized…it was a positive experience with a lot of good take-aways.
Can You Guarantee My Financing?

The business plan is an essential part of your funding application package, but your personal financial situation, your character, your background and your experience also play an important role. Those things are out of my control, so no - I can't guarantee your financing. But I can promise that if you fully implement all of the recommendations I give you, your funding won't be denied because of your business plan alone.
What Makes You so Smart, Jess?
I’ve been writing business plans since 2010 and my clients have collectively raised tens of millions of dollars to start or grow their companies. Yes, I went to business school and got my MBA. I’ve snapped up a couple more degrees too – ones that made me a fantastic writer (thanks, Bachelor of Arts with an English Major!) and a great teacher (because if you can teach Shakespeare to 35 14-year-olds you can teach anything). I know many things about business, and writing, and teaching, and my clients have used their business plans to get the money they needed to build incredible companies. 

This will be the most fun you'll ever have getting audited.

I promise. If you’re frustrated that the right people aren’t paying attention to your business plan or your pitch deck, let me show you how you can WOW them.

P.S. After you buy you’ll be prompted to send me your business plan via email. CONFIDENTIALITY IS GUARANTEED. Never will I ever disclose what I read or tell anybody else about the content of your business plan. I’d be out of business if I broke that trust. But if you’re still concerned, you can send me a non-disclosure agreement along with your plan, and I’ll sign it*.
*Upon review of the content of the NDA to ensure it does not violate any law or ethical guideline that I already work by.

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